Skyworth will give full support to epidemic prevention and information promotion to help popularize epidemic prevention knowledge!
Jan 23,2020

The spread of the epidemic affects the sensitive nerves of 1.4 billion Chinese people. The national government actively regulates the national medical resources, the media from all walks of life widely popularize the knowledge of prevention, and tens of millions of medical workers protect the forefront of the fight against the virus. In the face of the epidemic, people across the country have been united as one and expressed their national sentiments of unity and resilience.

Recently, CCTV News has made two special videos on the prevention of the new type of pneumonia, explaining the precautions for preventing the epidemic to the public in an easy-to-understand way. To further support information marketing, fully strengthen the national people's awareness and actively cooperate with epidemic prevention, epidemic prevention propaganda, skyworth will assist in CCTV news broadcast transfer online, offline, electric business, products, systems, such as the channel resources, accelerate the public welfare short film spread across the country, contact more people, common dam prison epidemic prevention and control.

Skyworth Group headquarters building in Nanshan, Shenzhen LED large screen

Rotary-cast protective video

Skyworth Group and Skyworth TV official website, social platform account, Skyworth headquarters building LED large screen will participate in the resource release. All TVS with built-in Coolopen operating system will be promoted on the first recommended position and screen saver. In addition, 5,000 Skyworth stores across the country will operate normally during the Spring Festival, and store televisions will continuously broadcast/live broadcast epidemic news.

Skyworth will open 20,000 offline stores after the New Year holiday. Skyworth will continue to pay close attention to the situation of the epidemic, increase the distribution as appropriate, give full play to its own channel advantages, and fully contribute to the national epidemic prevention work.

Skyworth has 5000 offline stores nationwide during the Spring Festival

Non-stop wheel play protective video

According to CCTV News, the following personal protection measures should be taken during the epidemic:

1. Prevent novel coronavirus. It is useful to wear masks. N95/KN95 masks and surgical masks are preferred.

2. Masks with breathing valves are not recommended for people with existing symptoms. The airflow of the respirator valve is one-way outward, which does not affect the protective effect, but it cannot prevent the virus droplets from spilling out.

3. Don't believe the myth that smoking prevents viruses. Touching your mouth and nose with your hand while smoking increases the risk of viral infection. The harmful substances in tobacco can also damage lung function.

4. Prepare portable alcohol disinfection products. If soap and water are not always available when you are out, you can carry alcohol-containing hand sanitizer or disinfectant wipes (the alcohol content should be more than 60% to be effective).

5. If you have flu symptoms on the train or plane, you can use alcohol disinfection products to clean the armrests, seats, tables and other places that your body can reach.

6. Clean in time after coming home;

7. If you have abnormal symptoms, do not travel and seek medical advice as soon as possible;

8. Do not cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing. Use a tissue or bend your elbow to cover your mouth and nose.

At this critical moment involving people's lives and safety, Skyworth and the people of the whole country work together to fight against the virus and look forward to the effective control of the epidemic.

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