Skyworth CES2019 won 4 international awards for “World's Leading Brands”
Jun 11,2019

Skyworth CES2019 won 4 international awards for “World's Leading Brands”, and its transformation and upgrading achieved remarkable results.

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES2019) is in full swing in Las Vegas, USA, and the black technology is fully blossoming, which also indicates the trend of new technology in 2019. At the Global Top Brands Awards Ceremony of 2018-2019 sponsored by American Data Group IDG, Skyworth Group won the “Top 10 Consumer Electronics (Global) TOP10” and “Top 50 Global Consumer Electronics” awards. Skyworth TV won the "Global TV Brand TOP10" award, ranking fifth in the world, Skyworth OLED TV star product "65S9A/XA9000", and the "AI Smart Double Eco TV Experience Gold Award" was included in the bag, becoming the focus of this year's CES , won the praise of domestic and foreign media.

The Global Top Brands were hosted by International Data Group (IDG) and held concurrently with CES. This year's selection is based on the theme of “Zhi Chuang Brand, and Opening a New Ecology of Consumption”, aimming at recognizing technological innovation and a strong global consumer electronics brand. Global Top Brands has been established since 2006 and has been in business for 13 years.Each list is co-organized by IDG's joint research organization GFK. It has been evaluated by a team of experts who have participated in voting through third-party data and official websites for a year, and by professionals from well-known global manufacturers or institutions.China Skyworth has an insight into global technological advancement trends and implementes a transformation and upgrading strategy.Skyworth has achieved a hundred-star success in all categories of consumer electronics products, winning the annual (global) consumer electronics leading brand TOP10, and the global consumer electronics TOP50 two international awards.

Skyworth's achievements are by no means accidental events, thanks in large part to Skyworth's transformation and upgrading strategy in recent years.

In 2017, through in-depth study of the general trend of the development of the global electronic information industry, combined with its own actual situation, Skyworth proposed the overall strategic objectives of the five-year transformation and upgrading. 2018 is a key year for Skyworth to implement the “One, Three, Three, Four” transformation and upgrading development strategy. The Group actively implements the intelligent strategy, adheres to technological innovation, promotes the application of intelligent technology, and empowers traditional products. The Group established the Intelligent Systems Research Institute to build a smart Habitat System Experience Center to accelerate the development of 4K and 8K next-generation color TV technologies; launch OLED TV, full-time AI TV, large Q6 series high-end LCD TV, variable frequency intelligent washing machine, frequency conversion smart refrigerator, AI Various new products such as kitchen appliances, automotive intelligent electronic products, intelligent conference systems, intelligent door lock systems, etc., strengthen the transformation and upgrading of Skyworth's full range of products, enhance the added value of products and market competitiveness, and lay a solid foundation.

During CES2019, Skyworth's new products were unveiled on the world stage, demonstrating the staged results of Skyworth's transformation and upgrading strategy to global consumers and domestic and foreign media.

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