Skyworth Electric Co., Ltd. held the 2019 Management Annual Meeting with the theme of efficiency revolution
Aug 16,2019

On July 27th, the 2019 Management Annual Meeting of Skyworth Electric Co., Ltd. was held in Nanjing with the theme of "New Thinking of Efficiency Revolution, New Momentum, and New Growth". The core management backbones of more than 60 companies from Shenzhen and Nanjing participated in the conference.

At the meeting, the electrical company re-determined and clarified the three-year plan and proposed to achieve the strategic goal of 5 million units and 5 billion RMB by 2021. The participating members analyzed the business data of Skyworth Electric in the past 9 years from the perspective of company level, product line and channel, and sorted out the improvement and improvement of the operation and management efficiency of the organization, and the "One" formed by the company at the current stage. The "three-four" feature management model has been thoroughly discussed.

Wu Qinan, general manager of the electric appliance company, said:

I hope that the team will always maintain rationality, maintain crisis awareness, and maintain awe and vigilance. We must always keep the original intention of the efficiency revolution, pursue efficiency first, and try new ideas, new methods and new ideas with new perspectives and ways of thinking. Ways to find new channels, new businesses, new scale growth points, and achieve sustainable growth of Skyworth Electric.

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