Skyworth smart home to create future Wisdom
Mar 21,2019

China Home Appliances and Consumer Electronics Expo (AWE2019) was held in Shanghai On March 14th. Skyworth as the leader of the smart home appliance and information technology industry, lit up the event with the new upgraded smart residential system technology and all-category smart home appliances.

The Skyworth booth is equipped with a smart home appliance display area, a new display form display area, and a smart living system technology “SMART HOME” experience area.

The “SMART HOME” experience area of Skyworth's smart Habitat system technology attracted the attention of many media and participants.Every experience can use Skyworth full-time AI TV and mobile phone as central controller to give a full control of smart appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, air purifiers, water purifiers, air conditioners, curtains, lighting, range hoods, fans, humidifiers, etc.

Skyworth's smart Habitat system demonstrates differentiated technology superior to the industry: On the one hand, Skyworth's full-time AI system is not affected by TV status, with 24 hours background standby; on the other hand, it can still be used at high volume Achieve 99% speech recognition accuracy and full-time wake-up rate. In addition, Skyworth Smart Habitat provides personalization and customization services.

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